Fish Tank / Aquarium Water Changer / Cleaner
Fish Tank / Aquarium Water Changer / Cleaner
Fish Tank / Aquarium Water Changer / Cleaner

Fish Tank / Aquarium Water Changer / Cleaner

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Fish Tank / Aquarium Fish Tank Manual Squeeze Water Changer Cleaner Cleaning Pump Filter Cleaning Tool (2.13m / 7ft long)


3 in 1 function: equipped with wash up and stain-adsorption head which can wash and decontaminate sand during the suction.

Made of soft silicone tube which is heatproof and cold-resistant, non-toxic substance left under cold and hot temperature, never distorted and safe to use. Double metal nuts design on connection between the pump and tube, excellent seal with no water leakage while working.

Built-in filter net, effectively suck water, fish pool and other dirty stuff, also prevent from sucking into sand particles, fish, water plants, etc. Extra hose is provided to extend the length of tube, it is flexible to adjust the length as you like.

Clip is included for conveniently to clip the tube on different thicknesses of fish tanks. Adjustable valve makes it easy to control water flow speed in case sand sucked away due to fast flow speed.

With 2.13 meter long tube, perfectly fit for most sizes of fish tank. Bring more fun to change water for your fish tank in daily life and makes its work easier.


1.The discharge water level must be higher than suction water level.

2.Too tiny sand may be sucked away, please control the flow speed carefully.

3.It can't pump all water out from the fish tank completely.


Type Fish Tank Manual Squeeze Water Changer Tool
Material Silicone
Quantity 1pc
Item Color As shown
Size Total length(max): 2.13m/7ft
Wash cup inner diameter: 4.4cm/1.7"
Tube diameter: 1.6cm/0.6"
Net Weight 0.3kg/10.6oz
Package 1*Water changer tube
1*Tube clip
1*Wash cup(stain-adsorption head inside)
1*Retractable hose
1*Package box